Bari Airport Smoking Area

It is possible to smoke at Bari Airport. You will need to go outside of the terminal building. Unfortunately it is not possible to smoke behind security or anywhere in the terminal building.

Smoke when arriving or departing

The smoking area is immediately outside of the terminal building. Once you walk through the sliding doors, you can smoke.

The airport consists of one big terminal, containing 15 gates. 4 of those gates (B1 to B4) are non-Schengen and require an additional passport control after security. The other gates (A1 to A11) are Schengen.

Smoke during a transfer

Do you have a transfer at Bari Airport? You first need to go through security and walk outside the terminal building. After that, you have to use your boarding pass to go through security again.

Information about Bari Airport

Bari Airport is one of the main airports of Puglia. A popular and beautiful region in South Italy. It serves a large number of domestic and international passengers every year. As with many airports around the world, Bari Airport has implemented strict no-smoking policies in public areas, including terminals and waiting lounges.

Puglia is a famous for various regions. It is the largest producer of olive oil and also main producer of Primitivo and Negroamaro wines. There are also many beautiful places to visit, like Alberobello, Polignano a Mare, Grotte di Castellana and many more locations.

Most popular destinations from Bari Airport

Bari is an important gateway to the Puglia region in Southern Italy. The capital of the region serves several destinations. These are the most important:

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