Frankfurt International Airport Smoking Area

Frankfurt is a great airport for travelers who smoke. Both terminals have plenty smoking areas. Terminal 1 has at least 10 smoking areas spread out over the boarding areas. Terminal 2 has at least 3 smoking lounges spread out over the boarding areas.

Smoking at Frankfurt Airport Terminal 1

  • Next to Gate A11 – Level 2
  • Between Gate A23 & A25 – Level 2
  • Across Gate A52 – Level 2
  • Across Gate A66 – Level 2
  • Across Gate B23 – Level 2
  • Between Gate B42 & B48 – Level 2
  • Next to Gate Z11 – Level 3
  • Between Gate Z23 & Z25 – Level 3
  • Across from Gate Z53 – Level 3
  • Across from Gate Z66 – Level 3

Smoking at Frankfurt Airport Terminal 2

  • Close to Starbucks at Gate E3 – Level 3
  • Next to Gate E21 – Level 2
  • Between Gate D24 & D25 – Level 2

Extra information about Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt am Main International Airport is one of the busiest airports in Europe, serving millions of passengers every year. It is the main hub for the German airline Lufthansa.

First of all, it’s important to note that smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the airport terminal, except in designated smoking rooms. If you are a smoker and you want to light up before or after your flight, you’ll need to find one of these rooms.

Most popular destinations at Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt is a major gateway hub in Europe. There is a wide variety of destinations coming to this airport. The following destinations are the most popular:

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