Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport Smoking Area

Good news for smokers! Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport features a lot of smoking rooms. The big airport has spread them out across all terminals, so you don’t have to worry.

The French name for a smoking area is Espace Fumeurs. It is indicated with a sign that shows a cigarette. Parisian Airports are smoke-free by law, with the exception of designated smoking areas.

There are 3 terminals at Paris CDG Airport. Every terminal has a smoking area. Use this menu to check the smoking areas per terminal:

Paris is the capital of France, and one of Europe’s biggest cities. Air France uses the airport as a main HUB, so a lot of passengers use the airport as a transfer point. Passengers using other Skyteam partners, like Delta Air Lines or KLM, will also likely use Charles de Gaulle airport when transferring across Europe.

An example of a smoking room at Paris CDG Airport

As said, Paris Charles de Gaulle is a big airport. It has 3 terminals that cover a lot of distance. The biggest one is terminal 2. The other terminals are smaller and not directly connected to the more prominent terminal.

Terminal 1

At the north side of the airport is terminal 1. It is separately accessible by car or by train. Major airlines like Air France, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines or United Airlines use this terminal for operations. It also features some nice lounges.

Terminal 1 can be complicated, because it has a lot of floors. There are at least 5 floors in this building that host between 60 to 70 gates. Luckily there are also 3 smoking areas at Paris CDG Airport terminal 1.

The first two can be found at level 2, where the CDGVAL is located. It can be found next to the Starbucks coffee, right in the middle of the building. These smoking areas are pre-security.

Smoking area at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport terminal 1

Smoking rooms that are post-security are more suitable for transferring passengers. There is one located at level 4. Take the moving sidewalk to gates 50 to 58 and take a right there. You will find the smoking area over there.

Terminal 2

This is the big one. It is so big that you need a train to travel between the different sections. All the different corridors are indicated with a letter. It varies from 2A to 2G.

Starting with zone 2A, which serves around 14 gates. According to the latest Paris CDG maps, there are no smoking rooms in corridor 2A.

Zone 2C has a smoking area across from the McDonald’s. This is in between gates C80/C81 and gates C82/C83.

Smoking area at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport terminal 2C

Most international flights arrive and depart from terminal 2E. You can find gates K, L & M over here. This is not a reference to the Dutch airline.

There are no smoking areas in the vicinity of the K gates. You will have to take the airtrain to the L or M gates.

Especially the L-gates have been provided with plentiful smoking areas. You can find one next to gate L41, L45 and L51. All in the same corner of the terminal.

The M-corridor also features two smoking rooms. Both at the far end of the pier. Next to gate M50 and gate M31.

Smoking area at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport terminal 2E

When you need to catch a flight within Europe, terminal 2F is probably the place for you. It features two distinctive piers that serve 30 gates. Each pier has a smoking area at the beginning of the pier.

Smoking area at Paris Charles de Gaulle aiport terminal 2F

The corridor 2G serves one smoking room, next to the Air France lounge. This corner of the airport serves 20 gates and is not directly connected to the rest of terminal 2. You will need a connecting train or bus to reach 2G.

Paris Charles de Gaulle airport serves the most daily flights from the Paris metropolitan area. It used to serve close to 80 million passengers per year. According to Flightradar24, the busiest route is Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. This flight is flown 60 times per week.

Terminal 3

A smaller terminal that is located in the north-east corner of the airport. This terminal is mainly operated by budget airlines or charter flights. This strongly reduces the probability of having a transfer at terminal 3.

There are only 12 gates at this terminal, which are facilitated by 2 smoking rooms. That’s 6 gates per smoking room! This ensures a quiet experience.

Smoking area at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport terminal 3

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    Salih says:

    In Terminal 1 on the first floor there are gates 10-38, near the Saint Laurent store you will find a cigarette sign indicating an elevator near the store. Enter the elevator and press 3 (you will find a cigarette sign next to the number 3) that leads to the third floor where the smoking area is located.

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