Stockholm Arlanda Airport Smoking Area

Stockholm Arlanda is a smoke-friendly airport. You can smoke before and after security. Smoking areas are available throughout almost all the terminals.

There are currently nine smoking rooms in Terminal 5, which is the airport’s largest terminal. There are three at Terminal 2 and one at Terminal 4. The locations of these smoking rooms are carefully selected to ensure easy accessibility for smokers.

Stockholm Arlanda is a big airport. It has 4 terminals, each serving their own airlines. Each airline is assigned to a terminal. Select the terminal that applies to your travel:

Terminal 2 smoking areas

There are three smoking areas after security at Stockholm Arlanda’s Terminal 2. There is also one before security. You will have to go outside to find it.

Smoking areas after security at terminal 2

The first is at gate 70. Go down to floor 1, on the south side of the terminal. You will find the smoking room at the opposite side of the gate area.

The main smoking room is next to the Starbucks, across from gate 66. There is also a smoking room if you go upstairs. You will find it between the lavatories on floor 4.

Terminal 3 smoking areas

It appears that Terminal 3 has no smoking areas available. You will need to transfer to either terminal 2 or Terminal 4 to find a smoking area before or after security.

Terminal 4 smoking areas

Just like Terminal 2, you will need to go outside to find a smoking area before security at Terminal 4. Walk outside the door and go left immediately.

Smoking area after security at terminal 4

There is one smoking area after security at Terminal 4. You will find it at gate 30 on the second floor.

Terminal 5 smoking areas

Terminal 5 is by far the biggest of all terminals at Stockholm Arlanda. It contains of multiple concourses. This area is mostly served by SAS, the biggest airline at the airport.

There is an inside smoking area before security. It is next to the Arlanda Express entrance, in the middle of the check-in areas. There is also one outside, at the southern exit of terminal 5.

Smoking area after security at terminal 5

  • Between gates 11 and 12 at floor 3
  • Across the Take Away Mart at gate 17
  • Between the Taste Express restaurant and gate 8
  • Between the Taste Express restaurant and gate 7
  • Several smoking areas conveniently placed at the F-gates, on floor 3 and 4

Extra information about Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is the largest airport in Sweden, serving over 25 million passengers annually. The airport is known for its modern amenities and excellent customer service.

One of the services that sets Stockholm Arlanda Airport apart from others is the availability of smoking rooms. These rooms offer a convenient and comfortable space for smokers to indulge in their habit without disturbing non-smokers.

Stockholm Arlanda is a big airport. Moving from on terminal to another can be a long walk. Luckily, there are trains running between the terminal buildings. This greatly improves the experience of the airport.

Most popular destination from Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Sweden is a big country, which makes air travel a convenient way to to navigate. There are also a lot of foreigners happy to visit the Swedish capital. These are the most frequented destination to and from Stockholm Arlanda:

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