Munchen Airport smoking area thumbnail

Munich Airport Smoking Area

You can certainly smoke at Munich Airport. There are smoking areas available in every gate concourse, from gates A till L.

Talinn Airport smoking area thumbnail

Tallinn Airport Smoking Area

Travelers to Tallinn Airport can be asured of a place to smoke. There are multiple smoking areas in the terminal.

Athens Airport smoking area thumbnail

Athens Airport Smoking Area

Athens Airport is a welcome place for travelling smokers. You will be able to smoke, of you travel Schengen or not.

Dusseldorf Airport Smoking Area thumbnail

Düsseldorf Airport Smoking Area

It is possible to smoke in all three gate areas at Dusseldorf Airport. All travelers have the possibility to smoke behind security.

Hamburg Airport Smoking Area thumbnail

Hamburg Airport Smoking Area

Hamburg Airport has a smoking area after security. It is sponsored by Lucky Strike and in the middle of the airport.

Lissabon Airport Smoking Room Thumbnail

Lisbon Airport Smoking Area

Both terminals at Lisbon Airport have a smoking area. The large terminal 1 has multiple, including one in the ANA lounge.