Helsinki Airport Smoking Area

There are three smoking areas at Helsinki Airport. Available for Schengen and non-Schengen passengers. The smoking rooms in Helsinki Airport are located in the following areas:

  1. Near Gate 12, on the second floor
  2. Near Gate 28, on the third floor
  3. Near Gate 40, on the second floor (non-Schengen)

You’ll be pleased to know that departing, arriving and transferring passengers can smoke at Helsinki Airport. All of the smoking rooms are clearly marked with signs to help smokers find them easily. They are open 24 hours per day.

Additionally, the rooms are well-maintained and kept clean to ensure that they provide a pleasant and hygienic environment for smokers.

The smoking rooms at Helsinki Airport are essential for smokers who need to relax and smoke before or after a flight. They offer a comfortable and convenient space where smokers can indulge in their habit without disturbing non-smokers.

Most popular destination from Helsinki

Halsinki Vantaa Airport is the biggest destination in Finland. Traveling to and from this country would probably occur via this major gateway. The most popular destinations from Helsinki are:

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