Hamburg Airport Smoking Area

Want to smoke at Hamburg Airport? No problem! You can smoke at the Lucky Strike Lounge between gate A17 and A18. Make sure you are on the first floor of the concourse.

Hamburg Airport has 2 terminals, but they are both connected to each other. They share the space after security checks.

There is a separate section for non-Schengen flights. Unfortunately, there is no smoking area over there.

The inside of the smoking room rocks the Lucky Strike design. You can see it in the red leather chairs. There is a bistro adjacent to the smoking area called Bistro Pier. You can enjoy food and drinks over here.

View inside the smoking area at Hamburg Airport

Hamburg Airport is the international gateway for Germany’s second largest city. It is located in the neighborhood Fuhlsbüttel, which was also the original name for the airport. It is an old airport that has been around since 1911. That makes it the oldest international airport to be still at the original location.

The smoking area at Hamburg is sponsored by Lucky Strike

You can easily access the city from the airport. There is a direct connection by train. The train station is very conveniently located directly under the terminals.

Most popular destinations at Hamburg Airport



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    Mark says:

    The air ventilation wasn’t effective enough so there was smoke smell near a couple of gates. But I wrote some mails to the city council, and made the airport the move the smoking area 400 m further.

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