Stuttgart Airport Smoking Area

Can I smoke at Stuttgart Airport?

Yes, designated smoking areas are available both before and after security at Stuttgart Airport, including lounges near gates 169, 410, and 331 (La Trattoria), as well as outside the terminal entrances.

Smoking at Stuttgart Airport: your guide

For travelers passing through Stuttgart International Airport, the question of whether there are smoking areas available can be crucial to planning their journey.

Fortunately, Stuttgart Airport does provide designated smoking areas, both before and after security, ensuring that smokers can enjoy a puff without stress. Let’s delve into the details.

Is there a smoking area at Stuttgart Airport?

Yes, there are designated smoking areas at Stuttgart Airport to accommodate passengers who wish to smoke before or after their flights.

Locations of smoking areas at Stuttgart Airport:

  1. Gate 169 – One of the smoking lounges is conveniently located next to gate 169. This offers a convenient spot for smokers who are departing, arriving, or in transit.
  2. Gate 331 (La Trattoria) – La Trattoria, a cozy spot near gate 331, not only offers a smoking lounge but also plenty of seating. This is a great option for those who want to relax before their flight.
  3. Gate 410 – Another smoking lounge awaits travelers near gate 410. This ensures that passengers across different terminals have access to smoking facilities.
  4. Outside the terminal -Additionally, designated smoking areas are available outside the terminal building, near the entrances. This provides smokers with an option to indulge in their habit without having to venture too far from the airport facilities.

Extra information about the city of Stuttgart

Stuttgart, the capital of the state of Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany, is renowned for its automotive industry, cultural heritage, and picturesque landscapes. From the Mercedes-Benz Museum to the stunning views from the Fernsehturm Stuttgart (TV Tower), the city offers a blend of modernity and tradition that captivates visitors.

Is Stuttgart Airport a comfortable airport to travel?

Stuttgart Airport prides itself on providing a comfortable and efficient travel experience for passengers. With modern facilities, diverse dining options, and convenient transportation links, travelers can navigate the airport with ease.

What airlines use Stuttgart Airport?

Stuttgart Airport serves as a hub for various airlines, including Lufthansa, Eurowings, KLM, SunExpress, and Swiss. With a range of carriers operating flights to domestic and international destinations, passengers have ample choices for their travels.

Most popular destinations to and from Stuttgart Airport

The most frequented routes to and from Stuttgart Airport include:

Whether you’re jetting off to a bustling metropolis or seeking relaxation on a sunny beach, Stuttgart Airport connects you to an array of popular destinations.

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