Düsseldorf Airport Smoking Area

It is possible to smoke at Düsseldorf Airport. You can smoke behind security, in all three gate areas. When you have a transfer, it is certain that you can have a smoking break.

Lufthansa is flying mostly from Pier A. The smoking area in Pier A is across from gate A50, in the middle of the concourse.

When you are in Pier B, you have to look for the smoking area at the far end of the pier. It is next to gates B25 and B26.

For travelers at Pier C, you can go ahead and go to the Raucherlounge Winston Loung. You will find this smoking area between gates C31 and C32.

Düsseldorf Airport is divided into three separate concourses. They are named Pier A, B and C. It is a very spacious and modern airport that has plenty of facilities. Before security and also behind security.

The airport is located close to the city of Düsseldorf, the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia. The city has approximately 650.000 inhabitants and is located on the Rhine river.

Most popular destinations at Düsseldorf Airport

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