Lisbon Airport Smoking Area

You can smoke at Lisbon Airport. Both terminal buildings have smoking areas. Terminal 1 has at least two smoking areas and terminal 2 has one.

Smoking areas at Lisbon Airport are called Espacos fumadores. They are indicated on signs throughout the terminal building.

Overview of the terminal area at Lissabon Airport

Terminal 1

There are two smoking rooms in terminal 1. This is the main terminal that most passengers will frequent. Especially when you’re on a layover. It is the biggest of the two terminal buildings, therefore it can be challenging to find a smoking area close to you.

  • Gate 19 (currently closed)
  • Gate 47 (only electric an closed after 8 PM)
  • ANA lounge (entrance is € 36)

June 2023 update – This smoking room is closed for refurbishment.

The first smoking area is in between gates 19 – 21. When you are in the proximity of this small pier, you will find that it is clearly indicated on the signs above the walkway.

Signs pointing towards the smoking room at Lissabon Airport
Signs pointing towards the smoking room at Lisbon Airport

You will be surprised by this smoking area. It is a large room with lots of room to move around. Another plus side is that it is close to the shopping plaza.

Exterior of the smoking area at Lissabon Airport

Smoking room for e-smoking at terminal 1

The other smoking area is near gate 47, at the far end of the terminal. This is quite a walk from the plaza. Very convenient if your flight departs from any of these gates.

This smoking area is only for users of e-cigarettes. It is also closed after 8 PM. Keep this in mind. You can buy e-cigarettes at the smoking area.

Because of its location, you will find a lot less people over here. Perfect if you want a relaxing smoke in tranquility.

E-smoking room at Lissabon Airport
Exterior of smoking room at Lissabon Airport
Available smoke-free alternatives at Lissabon Airport
Available smoke-free alternatives at Lisbon Airport

Smoking area at the ANA lounge

If you’re looking for a great place to unwind, go to the ANA lounge. Go to gate 22 in terminal 1. You will find an escalator and elevator near Starbucks. These will take you up to the lounge.

It is not free to access the lounge. You will have to pay 36 euros to get access, unless you’re traveling with a suitable airline (like KLM, Delta, Turkish, etc.). Traveling with the right airline will get you a discount or free access. If you travel business class or first class, you will get free access.

It is a cozy smoking area that has a few high tables with chairs. The wood-look gives it a Scandinavian vibe. Not a bad place to have a smoke. 

Entrance of the lounge at Lissabon Airport

The lounge offers food, drinks, internet access, showers and a smoking room. Worth the money if you have a long layover.

Overview of the lounge at Lissabon Airport
Exterior of the smoking room at Lissabon Airport

Terminal 2

Located at the other side of the airport is terminal 2. Mostly used by low-cost airlines like Transavia, Ryanair or easyJet. This terminal does not have a lot of amenities or shops but it is getting improved.

Luckily, terminal 2 does have a smoking room. It might be hard to find, but it is there. It is close to the security checks.

Information about Lisbon

Lisbon Humberto Delgado Airport is the main gateway into Portugal’s capital. It has two terminal buildings and serves a wide number of airlines. It is the HUB of TAP Air Portugal and an important airport for Star Alliance customers. Most flights go to the neighboring capital of Madrid.

Most popular destinations at Lisbon Airport



    1. Avatar photo
      Vinny says:

      It used to be but i think the Iqos brand must have paid off the airport management and now they control the only smoking areas that are near the gates. If you want to smoke normal cigarettes you have to go down two sets of stairs and then climb back up with all your bags (no escalator available). The smoking area is uncomfortable and very poorly ventilated. feels like this is done on purpose to push people to smoke Iqos. Lisbon airport is now worse than Heathrow for smokers.

  1. Avatar photo
    Vinny says:

    There’s only 1 smoking area left and it’s inside of the lounge that only allows entry with priority, business or 1st class. You’re able to pay 36 euro for entry but only after 4pm.

  2. Avatar photo
    john potts says:

    i am flying from terminal 2 , is it possible to go to a departure lounge before my flight ? is this possible and then can i enter terminal 2 from terminal 1 walking ?

  3. Avatar photo
    Kevin Carbonara says:

    There is a smoking area near gate S15 downstairs, on the way to the exit. Very well hidden and just before the gates to exit the terminal to baggage reclaim on the left

  4. Avatar photo
    SmokingFly says:

    November 2023
    Follow thw way to baggage claim. In ffont of Gate S15 downstairs, two sections. Just before to the automatic doors (don’t cross), you can see the sing on the left and find it.

  5. Avatar photo
    Sofia says:

    An airport without ONE smoking area is inadmissible. I understand it’s bad for your health, hence why we need to have a cubicle to smoke. But stupidity kills much more than cigarettes. I suggest not allowing more stupid people at airports too. Or better, letting them in and then informing that stupid people’s cubicle is refurbishing since 4 months ago, so they can’t be stupid anymore.

  6. Avatar photo
    Roller says:

    Smoking area located in S gates go passed s16 on your right, head for the signs for Exit and you’ll see a smoking sign and exit sign pointing down 2 flights of the escalator . Head towards exit and take a left at bottom of 2nd escalator just before the exit.

  7. Avatar photo
    LS says:

    There is a smoking lounge now downstairs, follow the exit signs into the direction of the baggafe claim and you will see the cigarette sogn

  8. Avatar photo
    Alex says:

    Not really a good environment for smokers. I’ve searched for 30 minutes for the smoking areas mentioned in the article and couldn’t find it. Not a smoker friendly airport.

  9. Avatar photo
    Lisboasmoking says:

    There is a smoking area near gate 17 in terminal 1. Normal cigarettes + vapes + iqos etc. Are allowed here

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