Tel Aviv Airport Smoking Area

You cannot smoke at Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport. All smoking areas have been closed in 2020. Passengers flying to Ben Gurion will not be able to smoke inside the building.

There is the possibility to smoke outside the terminal buildings. That may be a solution when you are on a long layover. You will have to pass through security on the way back in. Take this into account when going outside.

Strangely, Tel Aviv Airport is segmented into terminal 1 and 3. There is no terminal 2.



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    David says:

    The business lounge is awful. Food is fowl
    There is only one lounge for all airlines !

    As you await your flight to leave your last impressions of israel leave you very disappointed and that is not the way yiu want to end your trip

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      Gail says:

      The information you provided is incorrect.
      There is another lounge: the King David Lounge which is intended for El Al passengers

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