Munich Airport Smoking Area

You can certainly smoke at Munich Airport. There are smoking areas available in every gate concourse. This makes it very convenient for passengers who need to transfer between flights. Use the below navigation to quickly travel to the gate area closest to you:

Munich Airport has a smart layout, with two big terminals and a large shopping plaza in the middle. Gates A till D are located in terminal 1, gates H till K are located in terminal 2.

Terminal 1

There is plenty of choice to smoke at terminal 1. All the concourses (A, B, C and D) have at least one smoking area. Difficulties finding the one closest to you? Check out the images for a precise location.

Terminal 1 (A gates)

There are two smoking rooms at the A concourse. The first one is next to the restaurant called Bruschetteria. It is close to gate 9. The second one is across from gate A33.

Terminal 1 (B and D gates)

This one is rather simple. The B and D concourse both have one smoking room. The first one is next to gate B2. The second one is next to gate D2.

Terminal 1 (C gates)

The C gates also host two smoking rooms. The first one is located next to gate C2. The C gates are extended into a small pier. You will find gates C20 till C29 over there. There is a smoking room centrally located in the pier, across from gate C23.

Alternative smoking areas at Munich terminal 1

There is only one smoking room at level 5 of the terminal 1 building. It is next to the Air France KLM lounge.

Terminal 2

Terminal 2 is divided into two separate sections. You have the main area, which is right after the check-in and security area. This is where the H and G gates are located.

Terminal 2 (H gates – non-Schengen)

There are four smoking areas located in the H concourse. Two at the end of each pier and two close to the middle. The first one is between gates H18 and H20. The second one is across from gate H32.

If you don’t fancy walking a lot and you leave from a far away gate, you can utilize the smoking area that is the closest to you. The first smoking room is next to gate H5. The last one is located across from gate H46.

Terminal 2 (G gates – Schengen)

Want to smoke just before your flight? You are very lucky if you depart from the G-gates. They are located at the third and fourth level of terminal 2. There are several smoking areas available through the building.

When walking down the north side of the concourse, you will find smoking areas between gates G6 and G7 and next to gate G13. You can also find smoking areas between gates G36 and G37 and next to gate G45.

You can even get a smoke when departing from the G61 to G72 gates. There is a smoking area close by. It is located between gate G72 and G62. Not sure of it’s exact location? Check out the below image.

Satellite terminal at terminal 2

Terminal 2 also has a satellite terminal where you can find the K and the L gates. The K-gates are for Schengen destinations and the L-gates for non-Schengen destinations. The satellite terminal is linked via an underground link.

The satellite terminal of terminal 2 has plenty of smoking areas. There are five in total. Let’s start with the smoking areas in the Schengen area.

Terminal 2 (K gates – Schengen)

There are two possibilities to smoke for passengers to and from the K gates. There is a smoking area next to gate K11 and there is one next to gate K23.

Terminal 2 (L gates – non-Schengen)

You will find the most central smoking area on level 5, across from gate L15. It is next to the restaurant Sissi & Franz. A second smoking room is located between gates L23 and L24. Another one is next to gate L11.

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