Copenhagen Kastrup Airport Smoking Area

Copenhagen Kastrup Airport is the largest airport in Denmark and is known for its high levels of customer service and convenience. One of the features that has attracted many travelers to the airport is the availability of smoking rooms. These rooms offer a place for smokers to indulge in their habit without disrupting non-smokers or violating the airport’s smoking regulations.

The smoking rooms at Copenhagen Kastrup Airport are located in several areas throughout the airport. There are four smoking rooms in Terminal 2, two in Terminal 3, and one in Terminal 1. The locations of these smoking rooms are strategically placed to ensure that they are easily accessible to smokers passing through the airport.

The smoking rooms in Terminal 2 are located in the following areas:

  1. Our outdoor smoking area located in connection to Gates A
  2. In the beginning of Gates C on the balcony (after passport control).

The smoking rooms at Copenhagen Kastrup Airport are clearly marked with signs that make them easy to find. They are also kept clean and well-maintained, which ensures that smokers can enjoy a pleasant and hygienic environment.

Most popular destinations at Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen is the biggest gateway to Denmark, a country full of travelers. Denmark is also a great destination to go to. The following airports are most frequented from the Danish capital:

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