Amsterdam Airport Smoking Area

Unfortunately, Schiphol has closed it’s smoking room mid-2020. Passengers who fly to Schiphol will not be able to smoke in the terminal building.

When you have a layover, you can go outside of customs and smoke just outside of Schiphol Plaza. There is a big square over there with bus stops. That is the only possibility to smoke at Schiphol Airport. This is still the case in 2022.

Changes are big that passengers traveling through Europe with a Skyteam carrier will have a layover at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Located to the south-west of the Dutch capital, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is one of the largest HUBs in Europe. Only London Heathrow and Paris Charles de Gaulle handle more passengers per year. This makes Schiphol an important player in aviation.

The old smoking room was located next to the D-pier. Most transfers are made from the D-pier, which made it an often frequented smoking room. Below are pictures of the old smoking area .



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    A.G. says:

    This is a discrimination for smokers, I m very frequent traveler and stopped using KLM since this and moved rather to Lufthansa, because they respect everybody, not like sitting at AMS airport for 6 hours layover without smoking.

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    Ramesh kurpad says:

    It is reducilous, considering smokers as untouchable or they are doing some crime. Then stop manufacturing and selling of cigarettes every where in Amsterdam . It is a bad decision of Amsterdam airport authority.

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    Olivia says:

    You can smoke on the terrace outside at La Place. Or in designated smoking areas. Only option at schipol. Murphys where they had the last smoking place is closed probably for good.

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    Adrian says:

    Absolute disgrace. The airport staff are unhelpful, rude and unwilling to even communicate with you. The complete opposite of the Dutch culture. With 10hrs+ worth of delays being refused to go out for a smoke or even get some fresh air is a little bit beyond a joke. In the capital of the world for smoking the airport is smoke free… what a joke.

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    Lyall Brown says:

    Anyone know how I can manage to smoke at Schipol? I am on a 15 hour layover and only learned the smoking area has closed down now. If only I knew I would never have considered this journey. What a mess 🤦🏽

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      FormeAdmin says:

      Hey Lyall! The latest information we have is that you can smoke outside of the airport. You have to go through customs for that. A 15 hour layover sounds like you have enough time for that!

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    RK says:

    No smoking area inside ! Lot of crazy stuff allowed in Netherlands but smoking inside the airport is where they drew the line. Admire the principled stand.

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    Bahadır UZER says:

    For a smoker, waiting something and not able to smoke is problem. This fora not make people stop smoking on their life. So there must be, at least one smoking room in the AirPort. Like coffee shops, if it is under Control, no problem, if you forbidden , then in the future someone will smoke, somewhere there is no Control, which is riscy. Specially for delayed flights, transfers, there must be this option.

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      A.G. says:

      There was the option to open a smoking area outside, because the law says only inside. But the management of the airport, which apparently hates smoking and smokers found it an excuse in the hope to become a non-smoking airport, they even praise themselves for that and said that they knew that the option exists. It is like, they tried their best to reduce some services and dissatisfy a big percentage of their customers. Best answer, is to boycott this airlines, like I did. Let them bankrupt without smokers, since they decided to discriminate us.

  8. Avatar photo
    Kirill says:

    Smokers completely discriminated.
    Authorities loosing control.
    Forced to smoke e cigarette in toilet.. very smart

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